A Dunky Spoon is an intensely flavoured Belgian Chocolate melting spoon which, when stirred into hot milk, will melt down and create a hot chocolate drink with a perfect flavour balance. Don't forget, our Dunkies are made with 100% Belgian Chocolate, there is no processed mixture inside, just solid chocolate! (Dunky topping appearances can vary) Best Before Dates are from 4-12 months

The Dunky Spoon Hot Chocolate making process is not a quick trick.
Enjoyment comes from it's preparation and anticipation of the tastes you are about to enjoy.
The ritualistic process is a little similar to a Japanese Tea Ceremony.

  • Warm 180ml of milk in a saucepan until steaming slightly.
  • Pour warmed milk into a small/medium sized mug. Stir in a Dunky Spoon until melted. 
  • Return chocolatey milk to the pan and heat again until a rolling boil for 10 seconds.
  • Pour back into your mug and decorate as desired. 

Why not purchase our DunkySpoons Mugs, made especially for you to enjoy the DunkySpoons Hot Chocolate Experience


Mugs can be found on our Equipment page



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